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The Textbooks

The textbooks, in full colour, are specifically written to suit the content and philosophy of the National Curriculum.

Features: Important ideas are clearly positioned and followed by numerous illustrative examples. There are numerous worked examples in visual proximity of problems. The format clearly implements the constructivist learning paradigm.

Each chapter also contains: a rich task; ICTs; preparation for competitions; preparation for national testing; investigations; puzzles; numerous drill exercises; a game; a cute trick; a bit of history; careers; chapter review.

The Author

Dr Terry Dwyer CertT, BAppSc, BEd, GradDipEd, MEd(Hons), PhD

The author has more than 35 years experience in teaching Mathematics and Science, more than 30 years experience as a Head of Department, and 20 years experience in writing textbooks.

The author has an honours masters in Technology education and a PhD in Mathematics education.

Why such a good deal?

All aspects of textbook publishing are handled by a very small team of multi-skilled and experienced professionals. The textbook design, cover design, illustrations, photography, typesetting, and production etc are handled inhouse by this very small team.

The costs of publishing are thus significantly reduced, allowing the price of the textbooks to be less than half of what would normally be expected.